Friday, June 6, 2014

Announcements and Gifts

WEDDING NOTES - Announcements and Gifts
We are often asked questions by guests as well as brides.  Brides want to know when to send announcements rather than invitations, or even if they need to send announcements, And guests who have received an announcement want to know "Do I have to send a gift?"
The answer to both is "You don't have to do anything".  However, announcements are a very nice way to inform distant relatives and friends who would love knowing about your wedding but would be unlikely to attend the ceremony.  If you are planning a smaller wedding, announcements may also be sent to people you see on a regular basis but who would not be included in the guest list.
Announcements are mailed immediately following the ceremony and should never duplicate the invitation list.  People get one or the other.
Since wedding announcements do not obligate the recipient to send a gift, brides should feel free to share their good news with everyone they care about.
On the other hand, receiving a wedding invitation does have other implications.  Technically, receiving a wedding invitation to the ceremony only does not obligate the invitee to send a gift.  It is obvious that guests send wedding presents to any couple they care for, but if a person receives an invitation to both the ceremony and the reception but declines to attend, he/she is officially relieved of the obligation to send a wedding present.  If one does attend, it is expected that a gift will be sent.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Murphy's Law

WEDDING NOTES - Double Check
As wedding planners, we know that "Murphy" is often an uninvited guest at weddings.  Murphy's Law is an adage in Western culture which states "If anything can go wrong, it will."
We don't know the original Murphy but believe strongly that the wise bride and groom will use a wedding coordinator to check and double check all of their wedding plans, contractors, vendors, venues.  To help prevent Murphy’s appearance at your wedding we suggest that you have your coordinator call every vendor, caterer, bartender, florist, baker, musician, photographer, limo driver, hair and make-up specialist, as well as both ceremony and reception sites to make sure that everyone has the correct date, time of arrival and address.
Contact your officiant to confirm plans for the rehearsal as well as the wedding.
Make sure that all parties, including the parents of young attendants have the same information.
Make sure that you have all appropriate cell phone numbers for all wedding party members, contractors and participants.
Review your guest list and contact anyone who has not responded.  Bridesmaids and/or family members can help with this contact list if the list is long.  Politely state that you have not heard from them and wanted to make sure that they received the invitation. 
Confirm the final count with your caterer.

Scuff the soles of your wedding day shoes, charge your cell phone battery, double check your "emergency" kit, pick up your gown, make sure all the groomsmen have tried on their tuxes and then relax.  Enjoy your day!   Sorry you couldn't make it Murphy!!! If you have any questions phone 605-348-8816 or email