Saturday, July 22, 2017

[Love]² Bridal Fair

Are you ready for the [Love]² Bridal Fair? 

Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017 | 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This is such a fun event for brides and grooms-to-be!  See Audra's Bridal Gallery's fashion show, enter to win awesome door prizes, and check out what tons of local wedding vendors have to offer.    
Our fashion show will begin at 1:00 pm showcasing all the latest bridal fashion trends.  We will have models wearing bridal, bridesmaids, and flower girl styles.  Also, we will have men featuring a few of the current trends in tuxedos and suits.  

Take advantage of the MAJOR DISCOUNTS Audra's will be 
offering the day of the Bridal Fair only.

RSVP to [Love]² Bridal Fair today. The first 175 brides to RSVP will receive a FREE swag bag and will be automatically entered for the bride prize package drawing (must be present to win). RSVP HERE. The event is free to attend and an RSVP is not required. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring a baby hygiene item as a donation to Mommy's Closet, a free crisis resource provider that lends a helping hand to moms, dads, and families with children under the age of five.

 [Love]² Bridal Fair is brought to you in partnership by Main Street Square, Black Hills Bride and Hotel Alex Johnson.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Best Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

The girls (or guys) you have standing up beside you at your wedding definitely deserve a gift.  Your bridesmaids have thrown your shower and bachelorette parties, purchased dresses, and possibly even traveled for your special day - let's show them some love!

A good rule of thumb when gifting is to give something the ladies will actually want to use again.  A tank top with "bridesmaid" written on it might not be the best gift.

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for bridesmaids;

  • Robe
Who wouldn't want a cute robe as a bridesmaid's gift?  You can take some cute photos in your robes when getting ready for the wedding.  Also, a robe is something a bridesmaid would actually wear again (as long as it isn't embroidered with "bridesmaid").

  • Bridesmaids Accessories

Many bridesmaids stress over what shoes and accessories to wear with the bridesmaid's dress.  Some brides purchase the shoes and/or jewelry for the bridesmaids as a gift, especially if you are requiring the ladies to all wear the same accessories.  Just make sure to tell your bridesmaids this is their gift so they don't go out and purchase different ones!

  • Clutch (filled with goodies) 

You can never go wrong with an adorable clutch filled with "emergency" items.   Our wedding planners at Audra's like to pack the clutches with the following items; 

headache medicine
safety pins
bobby pins
Shout wipes
breath mints
double-sided tape

  • Button-up Shirt

Button-up shirts are great gifts especially if everyone is getting their hair and make-up done together.  No one wants to pull a shirt up over their head after getting it styled for the wedding.

  • Pay for Hair/Makeup/Nails

Being a bridesmaid can be very expensive, especially these days.  Brides are requesting destination bachelorette weekends, multiple bridal showers, etc.  Your bridesmaids will really appreciate you picking up the tab for any service they are getting for your wedding.  A mani/pedi day is also a perfect time to dispense any last minute details the bridesmaids need to know for the wedding.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Featured Designer - Maggie Sottero

One of our favorites designers, Maggie Sottero, has created amazing wedding gowns that have thrilled our brides for years!

The brand launched in 1997 and now has three beautiful bridal lines; 

Maggie Sottero - for the romantic and ethereal bride 

Sottero & Midgley - for the chic bride

Rebecca Ingram - for the classic, value-conscious bride

We are proud to carry each of Maggie's bridal lines.  Maggie Sottero gowns are of impeccable quality and always on trend while still having timeless features.  Each dress has a female name making it easy for a bride to remember a dress she would like to try on.  


Another wonderful benefit of buying a Maggie Sottero gown is you often have the option to purchase embellishment packages that include beads, lace, or possible straps that match your gown exactly. 

For those brides who don't have a long engagement or procrastinated on their shopping, Maggie offers a priority gown program.  The gowns in this program are typically in-stock and can ship quickly for no extra cost.

Hope - Priority Gown
Many other dresses are available to be ordered as samples if you would like to see it in person and it is not a dress we currently have in the store.  

Stop in today to find the Maggie dress of your dreams!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fall 2017 Wedding Dress Trends

We are just starting to receive bridal gowns from the Fall 2017 lines.  Here are the trends we are seeing this season;

Plunging V-Necklines

A super low V-neck is definitely in style this season.  For those wanting to bare some serious cleavage, this is the season of wedding dresses for you!

Side Cut-Outs

Continuing a trend that began last season, side cut-outs are gaining in popularity.  Cut-outs allow for a little sex appeal while still keeping you covered. 

Off the Shoulder

For a sweet, romantic look, off-the-shoulder straps have resurfaced as a bridal gown trend.  Just make sure to check your range of motion if you plan on dancing all night at your reception. 

Illusion Bodice 

If you've got it - flaunt it!  So many wedding dresses are coming this fall featuring an illusion bodice with boning to give that corset look.  Typically a modesty piece accompanies the dress so if you want to be covered for the ceremony and then have a more daring look for the reception the choice is yours. 

High Neck 

Always elegant, a high neckline offers a look of sophistication and class. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

10 Things Your Wedding Gown Consultant Wish You Knew

1. Make sure to make an appointment!

It is so helpful to everyone involved if we know you are coming in to try on dresses.  An appointment ensures there is a space available to accommodate your group's size.  Also, an appointment guarantees there is a sales associate available to assist you.   We even offer after-hours appointments if you would like the store all to yourself.

2. If you have a budget tell your consultant right at the start of your appointment.

We don't like to break hearts.  If you have a strict budget don't keep it a secret.  Your bridal consultant will try her best to pull dresses that are the styles you are liking and within your budget. It is a horrible situation when a bride falls in love with a dress and then realizes it is way over her budget.

3. Carefully choose the people you bring with you. 

More is not always better. Bring people with you that have your best interests at heart and will listen to what you are saying.  Brides who bring tons of friends and relatives often get lost in the mix.  Aunts are trying to pull dresses that they personally like, friends are jealous you are trying on dresses and not them, etc. Bringing 2-3 people tends to work out the best.

4. Come with an open mind. 

All those dresses you have pinned on Pinterest might end up looking different on you than you imagined.  Trying on different dress silhouettes in person will really help you get a better idea of the styles you like.  Many times brides will come in saying "I hate poof" and then they end up selecting the biggest ballgown in the store. Don't rule anything out until you have tried it!

5. Bridal gowns run very small.

Don't pay any attention to the number.  The size you wear for your normal clothing is most likely not the size that will fit you for bridal gowns.  Also, remember we can order a dress in any size.

6. Bring undergarments you feel great in.

If you want to bring a strapless bra, spanx, etc that will make you feel great while trying on dresses, feel free to do so.  Keep in mind your consultant will be in the dressing room with you helping you get dressed.   Don't be shy, we help ladies change all day long.

7. There might not be "the one". 

You might end up really liking two or three dresses that you could see yourself wearing on your wedding day.  Then we suggest narrowing down your selection by considering the following; your ceremony/reception location, the time of year, how comfortable the dress is, will it be easy to alter, and does the dress fit with your wedding theme or decor.

8. Not all brides cry.

Hardly any brides cry.  Trying on dresses is really fun and usually everyone in the group is having a great time.  If you are not an overly emotional person don't expect to cry once you say yes to the dress.

9. Once you find the dress stop shopping.

You do not need to go to 5 different stores and try on 100 different dresses.  Brides who shop too much can end up frustrated and overwhelmed.  Once you find a dress you love stop looking! Also, don't let anyone try to pressure you to keep looking.  If you have found the perfect gown at the first store you can cancel any other appointments you have made - then go have a mimosa to celebrate.

10. We are here to help!

We are on your side.  Any information you can tell your consultant so she can help you find the perfect dress don't hesitate to let her know.  Are you planning on wearing a different dress for the reception? Are you wanting a dress without a train? Does your dress have to be white?  Let her know and your appointment will go much smoother.

Happy Shopping!