Best Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

The girls (or guys) you have standing up beside you at your wedding definitely deserve a gift.  Your bridesmaids have thrown your shower and bachelorette parties, purchased dresses, and possibly even traveled for your special day - let's show them some love!

A good rule of thumb when gifting is to give something the ladies will actually want to use again.  A tank top with "bridesmaid" written on it might not be the best gift.

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for bridesmaids;

  • Robe
Who wouldn't want a cute robe as a bridesmaid's gift?  You can take some cute photos in your robes when getting ready for the wedding.  Also, a robe is something a bridesmaid would actually wear again (as long as it isn't embroidered with "bridesmaid").

  • Bridesmaids Accessories

Many bridesmaids stress over what shoes and accessories to wear with the bridesmaid's dress.  Some brides purchase the shoes and/or jewelry for the bridesmaids as a gift, especially if you are requiring the ladies to all wear the same accessories.  Just make sure to tell your bridesmaids this is their gift so they don't go out and purchase different ones!

  • Clutch (filled with goodies) 

You can never go wrong with an adorable clutch filled with "emergency" items.   Our wedding planners at Audra's like to pack the clutches with the following items; 

headache medicine
safety pins
bobby pins
Shout wipes
breath mints
double-sided tape

  • Button-up Shirt

Button-up shirts are great gifts especially if everyone is getting their hair and make-up done together.  No one wants to pull a shirt up over their head after getting it styled for the wedding.

  • Pay for Hair/Makeup/Nails

Being a bridesmaid can be very expensive, especially these days.  Brides are requesting destination bachelorette weekends, multiple bridal showers, etc.  Your bridesmaids will really appreciate you picking up the tab for any service they are getting for your wedding.  A mani/pedi day is also a perfect time to dispense any last minute details the bridesmaids need to know for the wedding.


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