An Unforgettable Date

WEDDING NOTES - An Unforgettable Date
Here's an idea that guarantees that no one will ever forget your anniversary.  Plan your wedding for New Year's Eve!  Think about it!  There are plenty of pluses to consider.  Everyone you know is in the mood for a party - it is almost impossible to get through the holidays without someone or several some ones asking you about your plans for New Year's Eve.  A wedding invitation takes the pressure of planning off everyone.  Six - nine months ahead of time they know where they'll be on NYE- Celebrating with you!
Know that it is critical that you book your venue early.  It's a big party night for most restaurants, hotels etc.  Some places will require booking a year in advance.
When you plan your budget, consider upping your bar allocation.  People will drink more on NYE than they are likely to do at a June wedding.  It is after all the biggest party night of the year. 

Plan more food than you normally would.  Plan heavier appetizers for your cocktail hour.  Plan late night snacks like sliders and fries and be sure to send guests home with a small bag of treats or nibbles like doughnut holes, cookies.  Champagne is the order of the day.

It would be ideal to schedule your reception at a hotel and block a group of rooms for guests who don't want to drive home that night.  For those guests who prefer to head home, arrange for a fleet of cabs to be on call to insure your guests reach home safely.

Since NYE is the "glitzy" night, your decorations will be a no brainer.  Balloons, sparklers, hats and horns will take care of the party's shine.  Your guests are more likely to dress up for the event.  It is the one night that guests think of wearing something special.  

Picking out bridesmaid's dresses will be easier - glitz, bling and shine should be the theme for each of them

Consider having a different twist on the guest book.  Add a space for guests to write New Year's resolutions or special wishes for the new couple.

It's your party, your wedding and your new life together - all reasons to really celebrate.

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