Consider Brunch

If you have a dream venue for your wedding in mind but find out that it is already booked for your choice of wedding date, consider making a time adjustment and rather than a sit down dinner at 7 PM ask about availability of brunch at 11 AM.
A brunch wedding is perfect for the smaller wedding.  It usually starts at 10 or 11 AM and runs for about four hours as opposed to the typical evening wedding that can go for 6-7 hours. 
You'll pay less for food and for cocktails and if your wedding includes a plane trip to the honeymoon destination, you can easily fit it all in.
Menus are easily planned, the decor /flowers are simpler - no less elegant - just simpler.  Table linens, silver, china, can be chosen with care to reflect your color theme.  Consider the brunch buffet with waffles, custom omelettes, quiche, ham, bacon.   Instead of wedding cake have the caterer construct towers of doughnuts or mini caramel rolls.  Some brides choose French toast sticks with maple syrup.  Consider hors d'oeuvres like mini "pigs in a blanket" or toffee-dipped bacon kabobs.
It is unlikely that you will host an open bar at a brunch but you can do personalized bloody Mary bars or mimosas and champagne.
As one bride said about her brunch wedding - "it's more about the guests and a lot less pressure".  Everyone likes breakfast foods, and a daytime celebration can be very special.  For many couples, brunch is the answer.

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