Guys Night Out

WEDDING NOTES - Guys Night Out
We are learning about some alternative ideas for the bachelor party thrown for the groom.
There are stereotyped groom's parties that we see on TV and in films, but there are alternatives that can be fun for the groom and his friends without the specter of having to claim "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".
·         Instead of bar hopping to the same old favorites, why not try an evening exploring tap rooms?
Whole phenomenon of craft beers and their popularity offers an evening of "something new"
and still fun.  Arrange for a limo to drive the group or an absolutely trusted "designated" driver.
The best man can organize the evening of craft beer tastings, spicy nibbles topped off with a late dinner.  Check with tourist information centers in your town for possible tours that are all planned and waiting for the groom and his guests.
·         Many groom's parties have been built around major league baseball, soccer or football.  But more and more we are seeing groom's parties built around their own "game" day.  A round of golf is a logical choice, but what about doing miniature golf, followed by an hour or two at batting cages, followed by bowling, brews and supper.
·         Instead of heading to Vegas what about a weekend of fishing or camping closer to home?  Many areas in the country are also close to an Indian owned casino that could arrange a fun evening of dinner and blackjack or slots.
·         A few brides have suggested that instead of separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, that they combine them.  Both groups can play 9 holes of golf or attend a concert or amusement park if there is one close by.

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